'i wish you were here...'

February 05, 2016

'i wish you were here...'


What started out in life as a bored time lapse of some traffic at night, or something, soon ended in something a little more exciting

not to mention something with a little more potential meaning.

The final shot:


i wish you were herei wish you were here



Please click on it in order to view it on black.


I guess it's speaking about loss and sadness and loneliness.


Getting there was fun, as we didn't really know of any direction we were heading.

In the end I got into the shot myself! 

That's how it happens.


I had a constant light source camera left, in a giant soft box, to light the window frame and curtains.

I had a small 270-EX Canon flash on the floor (angled upwards, just underneath the soft box with some loo roll taped over the end to soften it a touch.

This light was to bring out the models face more within the blur, and also to add some light to her painting.

I used a small aperture (f/29) and low ISO (100), enabling a slow shutter speed of 4s 

This enabled me to blur the lights of the traffic in the background, to add to the drama. 

It also gave a kind of ghostly effect to the subjects in the camera, no software used, other than for the raw conversion.

Ania remained in the shot for the entirety of the exposure, I remote shot it after setting up, and was in the shot for the first 2 seconds.


Anyway: I hope you enjoy.

Model: Ania Sienkiewicz (not the one with the beard!) 

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